MIFGS 2023



Tectonic Fluidity

This space represents an exercise in tectonic fluidity and meditation, an opportunity to expand a small area through the use of varying levels, textures & movement. Sharp angles are displayed yet one is able to move seamlessly throughout the dynamic garden.

Whilst the flowing water juxtaposes the angular form of the pond, the viewer contemplates the meeting of nature’s shapes with those of a contemporary lifestyle. The harmonious union of elements celebrates the push towards a modern future which maintains classical beauty and embraces modern innovation.

Mother nature provides flourishing flora and flowing water; visual and auditory movement allowing space for reflection and contemplation. The chosen plants aim to convey the feeling of a soft meadow, providing a tapestry of color whilst the trees execute scale within the small space.

Concepts of the old ignite a classical atmosphere of romance, sparking a dialogue between the old and new elements. The chandeliers’ illumination offers functionality and ambiance making the ideal place for evening entertaining as well as a focal point in the daylight hours.  Angular lines and sharp corners are accented by the light and represent a leap forward to the contemporary. The steel frame pergola mirrors the shape of the paving, creating an echo and highlighting an aesthetic of reflection. The open timber screen allows the viewer to borrow the landscape beyond, expanding the area yet creating a private sanctuary within.

This design aims to employ line, shadow, and form as tools to expand the perception of space, whilst using the flora and water to bind a sense of  tranquility and freedom.



We wish to thank so many people and businesses that have made all of this possible. The support that we have been witness to over the journey has been truly remarkable and we would not be able to produce such an amazing space without their time, hard work and generosity. Below are that businesses that we have worked closely with to produce the garden and we would like to thank them for all and everything that they have contributed:


Adam Hompas Landscapes – Without the support from Adam Hompas and the crew, this would by no means be possible. Adam and his crew have been a huge participant in the creation of the project, giving up their time to build all elements of the garden. Their intimate knowledge and craftsmanship is evident within the final product and they should all be extremely proud of what has been produced.


A huge thank you to Landscape Victoria Master Landscapers for all of their support and guidance throughout the process. Bianca and Megan where amazing to deal with throughout and kept us all sane with their lovely banter, beer, lollies and chips!

Suppliers (in no particular order):

I sincerely hope that all of the following suppliers are proud of how we showcased all of their amazing art, services and materials. We could not have done this without you!

Hanna Digital Design – Photorealistic Images and Flythrough

Eco Outdoor – Paver Supply

Water Features Direct – Pond design and supply

Dulux Paints – Paint and deck stain

Radial Timber Supplies – Timber battens and decking timbers

The Oresome Garden – Sculptural Pears

Ranges Wholesale Nursery – Perennial plants

Warners Nursery – Plants and trees

Light On Landscape – Garden lights and a wealth of advice

Render Elite – Specialist render to garden bench and coffee table

Kila Fence Painting – Painting of pergola, screens and frames

Moorabbin Steel – Steel for pergola and step risers

Stone HQ – Clean and sealing of pavers

Benjamin Bugeja Photography – Photography

Bunnings Warehouse – Structural timber

Vista Print – Signage


Plant List:

Agastache ‘Alice Hindley’

Agastache ‘Boa Blue’

Agastache ‘Sweet Lili’

Agastache ‘Forever Summer Berry’

Nepeta racemosa ‘Walkers Low’

Penstemon ‘Swan Lake’

Penstemon ‘Alice Hindley’

Salvia ‘Waverly’

Salvia guarantica ‘Purple & Bloom’

Salvia nemerosa ‘Amethyst’

Betula pendula ‘White Moss’

Buxus sempervirens ‘Balls’

Miscanthus sp.