Hampton Hideaway

Hamptons Hideaway by Paul Pritchard Landscapes

Hampton Hideaway

Our show garden for the 2014 Garden Design Fest. I don’t want to give too much away but this is a garden to be viewed!

Project Details
We were very excited about being asked to be a part of this project from the beginning. The project was a large scale renovation and add on from a classic California Bungalow in the heart of Hampton. We were asked to submit some initial concept plans with quite an open brief. The clients, a young family with 3 children, were after a garden that they could relax in and watch the children grow through their school years. They were after a garden that offered a natural environment using organic materials and a garden that gave them a feeling they were living in a resort style environment in Tropical North Queensland.

The pool location was an integral element to the design as we wanted to be able to access the view of the pool from the house both night and day for aesthetics as well as safety. The shape of the pool was produced to offer a relaxed swimming area and create a feeling of swimming in a natural water environment. The water spouts were created to add to the feeling of the fluid movements of nature while in or out of the pool.

Entertaining is also a large part of the family’s lifestyle. The clients needed a large outdoor eating area with space for the BBQ. The large amphitheater style steps were created for informal seating as well as linking the eating area to the grass ‘play’ area for the children’s ball games. The clients also required a cubby house and children’s retreat. This was achieved by a 2 story construction which also offered storage for the kid’s toys and bikes etc…

The planting was a large consideration as the family hoped to enjoy the garden with its Resort Style feel without too much maintenance. A large consideration was also to have the garden view flow into the house from the large doors and windows. We used a mixture of native and exotic trees, shrubs and groundcovers to again offer a lush green feeling.

The front garden was designed to escort the visitor through to the front door in a relaxed natural environment again using organic materials and Australian native plants with some hints of exotics. Two large shallow bowls sitting on dry stone pedestals flank either side of the front pathway offering hints of what is to come in the rear garden.